We have been short-listed AGAIN as a national finalist for the Care Home Awards for Best for Nutrition, Food and the dining experience!


we will keep you posted live from the awards on Thursday 27th June in the Platinum Suite at ExCel, London.


on the plus side we could win, the down side is we are going to need a bigger awards wall at this rate.....

Residents blog

My Name is Michael

I’ve lived in the close care home since 1st June 2018

I came to the close for 12weeks convalescent to get my self on my feet but decided after 12 weeks that I would like to stay at the close as I would struggle at home on my own,

Then I wanted to move Rooms as I wanted a bigger room the managers Organized this to happen and know I have a lovely big room looking over the garden and the River Thames.

The Summer was lovely enjoying the garden sitting out every day.

I join activities and trip out, the most enjoyable trips where going to the steam Rally, Trip to History Museum in Oxford lots to see, Boat trip along the Thames with the roof off enjoying a picnic, Waterperry gardens lots of laughter and wonderful memories.

I have met some good friends and one I play Crib with every day I enjoy the banter we have.

I enjoy my lunch in the bistro

Most wonderful happy moment was when I met up with my Daughter and all the family again after 15years it was very emotional time and know I have regular visits from them, but they need to travel a long way.

Looking forward to the summer Hope the weather is as good as last year bring it on!

Thank you for reading my Blog



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