• November 2019

    Well what a busy and colourful November

    A very successful Halloween party with a quiz and games followed by a spectacular Fireworks Display on our own grounds while enjoying Hot food and drinks

    Enjoyed by Residents and their families, Friends and the local community that also came to join in with the celebration.

    The Display was breath taking and talked about weeks after

    The event.

    Looking forward to all the Christmas Celebration

    Our Festive Lights on & Nibbles on 2nd December

    Our Family & Resident Christmas party on 17th December

    and so much more


  • October 2019

    Hi All

    I lived at The Close for a year now which was a change from home,

     I enjoy helping everyone especially in the bistro after lunch and keeping myself busy this makes me feel good.

    I Love Animals I’ve always had Dogs around me, so I enjoy our pet therapy with TY Our husky dog every week visits he sits by my feet while I read my favourite books, I find this very relaxing.


    Also I used to have my own Horse years ago so I enjoy grooming horses this has been so long that I’ve been unable to do this But Activities at the Close got a pony in and lots of Farm animals so I could groom a pony again and also feed a Lamb with bottles and cuddle a kid goat, Rabbit, Guinea pig and feed Ducks too I was in my element all day.

    Thank you for Reading my Blog



  • August 2019

    Hello Everyone

    I wanted to share my Fun day at the beach with you.

    We travelled by Minibus to Bournemouth with stops at the services for drinks and Breakfast which felt like going on holiday.

    When we got to Bournemouth, I couldn’t believe how much it had change there was a Big wheel on the beach and lots of attractions, but the beach was still clean and still look amazing as I remembered.

    Why on the beach relaxing in a deck chair while watching a lot of Cheer leading dancers practicing their routine on the beach ready for a competition at the Bic the balancing act ware amazing.

    Its had been years since I’ve been to the Beach and I totally enjoyed it bringing back memories of Holidays with My Family.

    I struggled to walk on the sand to have a paddle in the sea as it was very soft so Activities brought buckets of sea water to me so I could have a paddle.

    We all enjoyed Harry Ramsden Fish and chips on the beach for Lunch.

    I totally enjoyed the whole day.

    I would like to Thank the Activities Team for a lovely day

    Thank you for reading my Blog

    From Nancy








  • July 2019

    My name is Martin


    I live in at the close care home

    Where I feel safe with help when I need it which is a great comfort to me.

    I join the music activities within the home and the odd quiz

    A walk in our large garden I find very relaxing followed by a coffee or cold drink in the Bistro where I always have a lovely greeting.

    I look forward to my weekly chat to my son on skpe in the library so I can have privacy while talking to my son so nice to see him on the screen while catching up with his daily life in Australia

    My family and friends visit me regularly which is always a happy occasion.

    Thank you for reading my Blog




  • June 2019

    Remembrance Bench

    In Memory of our late Marian Otlet


    Revealing the beautiful bench in memory of a lovely hard-working lady that lived at the Close care home

    Messages from the family


    ``She was always Happy at the Close ``

    `` Loved walks in the Garden ``

    `` Thank you for all you did for Marion ``

    `` Teaching until the very end``


    A very special Lady that will stay in our memories and hearts always

  • April 2019

    My Name is Michael

    I’ve lived in the close care home since 1st June 2018

    I came to the close for 12weeks convalescent to get my self on my feet but decided after 12 weeks that I would like to stay at the close as I would struggle at home on my own,

    Then I wanted to move Rooms as I wanted a bigger room the managers Organized this to happen and know I have a lovely big room looking over the garden and the River Thames.

    The Summer was lovely enjoying the garden sitting out every day.

    I join activities and trip out, the most enjoyable trips where going to the steam Rally, Trip to History Museum in Oxford lots to see, Boat trip along the Thames with the roof off enjoying a picnic, Waterperry gardens lots of laughter and wonderful memories.

    I have met some good friends and one I play Crib with every day I enjoy the banter we have.

    I enjoy my lunch in the bistro

    Most wonderful happy moment was when I met up with my Daughter and all the family again after 15years it was very emotional time and know I have regular visits from them, but they need to travel a long way.

    Looking forward to the summer Hope the weather is as good as last year bring it on!

    Thank you for reading my Blog



  • November 2018

    My name Mark I have lived at the close for over a year.

    I enjoy my TV and watching films in the close cinema

    I always look forward to my family visits.

    I go up to the pub once a month with activities which I find relaxing and enjoyable with a pint in my hand

    In November I went to Oxford Vue Cinema

     To watch First man very good film and amazing time.

    I go to the bistro for lunch every day

    I can choose of the menu when I’m not looking after my waistline Ha Ha!

    Looking forward to Christmas hope you all have a good festive time

    Thank you for reading my Blog


  • August 2018

    Hi everyone, hope your all enjoying the Sunshine


    I’ve been staying at the close for 3 months now, All staff are very friendly and I enjoy the food, the activities.


    I Join into activities every day I enjoy socializing and the company. I’ve been on trips this month to Solider museum which was very interesting. Trip to Didcot Orchard Centre Shopping, The highlights of my month was the Take away Night (Curry Night) made by our Chefs followed by watching the football The Curry was the best I’ve ever tasted all presented just like the Indian Restaurants.

    Thank you and bye for now!




  • July 2018

     Hello my name is Christabel,

    I’ve lived at The Close for 5 months now and came here for respite but felt at home here so decided to make my stay a permanent one, I’ve met so many nice people here. I’ve had many years having long walks with my dogs and enjoyed riding my horses through the years. I lost my husband 2 & half years ago which left me with a big gap in life, My dog saved me, giving me such love and company but also saved my life when I had a accident in my home my dog barked and barked until help arrived from neighbours. My husband Geoff was amazing man, he was always frightened of my horses so didn’t come out when I rode them as my animals always came first. Enjoy my lunch in the bistro and enjoy helping people very much. I join in activities, trips and in the home which I enjoy very much. I like to visit the library and put my head into a good animal story. Thank you for reading my blog Christabel

  • June 2018

    Hi everyone


    My name is Antonio and I have been living at the close quite a few years I enjoying living at the close, as everyone is cheerful and happy.

    I enjoy the food and eat my lunch in bistro and in the garden in the summer months

    I would like to talk about my family during the war days especially as its D-day this Month.

    My Mum was evacuated during the war she did not see her father for 6years while he served in the army.

    My Grandparents in the war lived in a village were Germans invaded shooting the chickens in my grandparent’s garden they asked my grandmother where her husband was, My grandmother replied dead and there’s nothing you can take from my house but they still Stole wine and jewellery, from them.

    At that time, my Dad was hiding in the loft with my granddad and remand in the loft throughout the war and my grandmother would bring food and drink up on a ladder and washing bowls and clothes.

    My family is very important my mum had passed away and I think of her every day I have my brother and father visit me most days and other brother visit me when he can

    I enjoy playing a game of cards in the boathouse with my father and brother and mangers and residents sometimes join in which makes lots of fun banter.

    Thank you for reading my blog Antonio


  • May 2018

    Hi Everyone Hope your all well Where has the months gone it may already only 6months until Christmas Hah ha! We have only had 3 days of lovely sunshine so far I’m waiting patiently for garden weather. I have been busy over Easter joining into making Easter Bonnets and Easter egg hunt with the kids. I joined the best of Broadway production and with my feather bower on I sang my socks off and danced what a brilliant production. Every morning at 10.15am, I come down to the bistro to see Ally, Jill, and Helen and choose a verity if drinks each day and play games like Dominoes and memory games Connect 4 and more I am the Connect 4 Champion and proud! I’m looking forward to going to water Perry gardens on Friday on the mini bus and enjoy a nice cake and cupper in the café. The St Georges party celebration was good fun singing with a brilliant buffet and food as always from our Kitchen at the Close Yummy Yummy! Bye for now I’m keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine in May Lots of love Julia x
  • April 2018


    Dear all

    I have stayed in the Close for over a month after my operation at Nuffield Hospital.

    I unfortunately use a wheelchair at the moment but looking forward to walking very soon, (fingers crossed).

    I have met lots of people and enjoyed the company at the close.

     Also all the friendly staff which has made my stay at the close an enjoyable one.

    I joined the activities trip to Oxford history museum which was amazing and I could have stayed there all day so much to see.

    The foods lovely never thought I could eat so much.

    (But I Did ha ha)!

    Looking forward to spring arriving I enjoy being outside.

    Bring on the good weather.

    Thank you for reading my Blog hope you all have a lovely March


      Many Thanks    Brian Turner



  • January 2018

     Hello and a very Happy New Year to everyone. It is now the end of December and I have been at The Close for just six months. I am getting used to the change in lifestyle; all the staff work very hard to make the residents feel at home and having just experienced Christmas, I think special mention should be made of the chefs and all the kitchen staff. I can hardly move at the moment! I should also like to express my great appreciation to all the carers, cleaners and laundry staff for their efforts on our behalf Our great activities team work very hard to help us fill our days. I always try to attend the weekly quiz and very much enjoyed the various parties: Halloween, 5th November and then Christmas with the amazing performance of Cinderella by our incredibly talented staff (Andrea and Ally were quite a sight to be seen as the Ugly Sisters!). Congratulations to everyone involved. There are also outings to local garden centres, markets, shopping centres and other places of interest with Andrea and Tina managing to take care extremely well of several wheelchairs and 'walking wounded' and getting us all safely home again. Many thanks to them. I spend a great deal of time reading and make good use of the Library, as well as appreciating various volumes brought by friends. I also, of course, love to see my two sons when they are able to visit. Unfortunately, this is not very often as they both live quite a long way away (the elder one even abroad) but we did manage a lovely day together on Christmas Eve. I hope you all had a good Festive Season and wish you peace and contentment in 2018. Best regards, Ruth Tschudin
  • December 2017

    Marians Blog It’s the end of November and I’m looking forward to the festive season I have had a lovely November, Enjoyed the fun Halloween party and Family Quiz night followed by spectacular fireworks Display in our garden. Visits from my friends and family is always enjoyable. Also a big treat out to the Oxford Play House to see (Driving Miss Daisy) the play was very good and funny in lots of places, the only trouble was traveling back took 1½ hours home. But this didn’t faze (Andrea) still smiling and chatting pointing to lots of Buildings of great interest in Oxford on our slow journey home.
  • November 2017

     Hi Everyone It’s been a busy Month I’ve helped Steve with interviewing a carer which was an amazing experience asking questions and being involved that was very interesting I felt important. I’ve been playing Bingo won a line of which I enjoyed choosing a prize. I always enjoy the music Saxophonist, Guitar and singing and finishing off with a high note. I went to the local pub Chequers with other residents and Activities and enjoyed a pint of Shandy. Enjoyed sitting in the Garden the other day I couldn’t believe the lovely Day we had for October I’m looking forward to the 6th November when we have Fireworks and the Chefs make the best BBQ ever. Bye for now Love Julia xx
  • October 2017

    Hi everyone another month gone I can’t believe it. I’ve been out and about with activities and joining into the music. I enjoy Cody playing Guitar most. I Visited Millets Farm and had a photo with the Donkey it was so cute. I went to Wallingford Bunk fest with Activities and enjoyed watching Morris dancing and Belly dancing I’m still the best dancer Ha ha. Another rainy month so I haven’t been able to get my legs out in the sunshine (I hope there is more sun to come). Lots of Love Julia xx
  • Our summer fete!

    Julia’s Blog

    Hi everyone and take a look at my scrapbook for the big fete!

    August has gone so quickly.

    We have had a lot of rain recently so I haven’t been able to get in garden much as much as I’d like.

    I’ve watched a brilliant performance of Jersey Boys that came to The Close. It was performed by Tickled Pink. I like their voices and their dancing.

    We had an amazing fete at The Close on the 19th August. I helped on the Tombola stall, also I enjoyed throwing wet sponges at Steve, the Manager in the Stocks.

    The Hog Roast was so tasty and a big thank you to our chefs for that. I also enjoyed getting a big ice-cream from Mr Nice’s Ice Cream.

    The Sun is shining today so I’m going out to enjoy the sunshine in our garden.

    Bye for now speak again in September

     Big smackers


  • June 2017

    Hi everyone

    I have had a really busy June /July as I went on Holiday to Butlin’s in Minehead. It was my first Holiday in 13yrs

    The Close arranged for me to go on Holiday with 2 Carers and fulfil my dream I’ve wanted for a long time.

    I was so excited with all staff and resident wishing me a lovely holiday as I left.

    We went in our Close Minibus with my Carers Jolly and Dawn.

    We stopped at the Services for lunch when we were half way there and a toilet break, then Jolly and Dawn changed over to drive the rest of the way.

    Off again on our journey I was getting even more excited.

    When we arrived at Butlin’s it looked amazing. Dawn went into the booking Reception and got our card for the door of our chalet we had a lovely ground floor apartment and guess who had the double bed……Me! I was like a star fish in bed with so much room.

    I was very tired the first night from traveling and looking around the Butlin’s resort enjoying ice cream and refreshments and all the excitement so I went to bed early.

    Every morning I got up at 8.30 for a shower the shower chair was on the small side which made me laugh every morning.

    We then went to the dining hall and had Breakfast I had scrambled egg and baked beans. Poor Jolly and Dawn, I didn’t smell very nice by the afternoon. I did giggle.

    We went for walks along the seafront and to the shops and I loved looking in all the shops and watching the sea.

    At dinner time I would go to the dining hall and enjoy the freshly cooked meals I had so many different meals I can’t remember what I had but I know I enjoyed them all. Yummy!

    I went swimming they had a very good chair that I could be wheeled into the water with I enjoyed kicking my legs and arms in the water splashing Jolly and Dawn.

    I would have loved to go down the big slide but enjoyed watching people sliding down.

    I wrote a postcard and sent it back to the close for them to read I enjoyed that.

    The evening entertainment was brilliant. I went to the club most nights. I saw an Elvis Presley Tribute that was amazing. His voice was just like Elvis and he looked like him too.

    Then it was the Wham tribute. I was moving in my chair dancing and singing to all the words, it was a brilliant evening.

    Then Forty Degrees band that was good too plus more.

    I brought some Butlin’s teddies for my friends and myself and some other presents to bring home as I love buying gifts.

    On the Friday I was so tired we got up and showered then went for our last breakfast at the dining hall.

    We left Butlin’s at 10.10am after Jolly and Dawn loaded the Van.

    We again stopped at the services on the way home for Lunch but we didn’t arrive back to the Close until 3.40pm as the traffic was really bad.

    When I arrived back at the Close everyone greeted me it was so nice to see everyone.

    I was so exhausted from my adventure I went straight to bed.

    My whole Holiday was so much fun and giggles and laughter just as I dreamed of.

    A big Thank you to Andrea, Steve, Richard, Jolly and Dawn for organising my holiday with me

    I love you all.

    I’m looking forward to Next year

    Bye for now

    Lots of kisses

    Julia xx

  • May 2017

    Hi everyone again!

    Where has this year flown too!? I am very excited at the moment because next month on the 30th I will be whisking off to the Bognor Regis Butlin’s for a week’s holiday! I told Steve (one of the clinical managers) that I wanted to go away and he and the activity girls organised it for me! Two of my favourite carers Johnnie and Dawn are coming with me and will be taking turns driving me up there! I am really looking forward to it because I hadn’t been on holiday in twelve years. That was when I was at home with my mum. We went to Amouthy in Italy, we had a lovely time!

    I’ve also been very busy over the last few weeks as usual. I’ve been sat in the sun a lot trying to build up my tan and I have gone very brown! Haven’t we been lucky with the weather!

    Last Friday Andrea, Tabbi and Tina took me and some of my friends from the close, on a boat ride from Eynesham lock. It was a beautiful hot sunny day! We saw sheep, ducks, swans and other animals. We enjoyed a cup of tea and some of my friends brought their family members with them. It was a very long journey we left at 12.30 and didn’t get back until 18.05! The lovely kitchen made us some delicious packed lunches. I really enjoyed myself.

    I also had a lovely treat last week! My favourite guitarist/singer, Cody, came in to perform for us. He’s great when he comes I sang along to a lot of the songs and had a dance! I’ve also had my nails painted and trimmed again by Tabbi, while I was sat in the garden sunbathing. I chose a lovely bright colour and we had a nice chat.

    I also went out to the Didcot wave café. I sat with Andrea and one of my friends while Tabbi went in and swam with two of my other friends. That was really nice. Andrea always makes me laugh!

    We have also had a few cooking and baking activities, although I’ve been so busy enjoying the lovely weather in the gardens that I only went to one of them. We made fairy cakes and then decorated them, they weren’t burnt and no eggs got broken this time wehay! I enjoy the baking because I get to have a go at everything myself. They tasted delicious and the spare ones got shared with some of my friends that lived here and the carers.

    Finally, another highlight of my month is that I decided I wanted a new look last Thursday. So, I went to our in-house hair salon. They very quickly gave me a new makeover and I’ve got this really cool red streak in my hair! I love it and I feel really trendy!

    That’s all for now folks, lots of love!

    From Julia

    Three big smackeroos!!!!!!!!

  • April 2017

    Julia’s blog


    Hello everyone again!

    Didn’t last month go past very quickly again! I have had a very nice Easter month, One of my favourite things that I have done was garden photography, with Andrea. She does photography outside of working here, so she told us all about it and showed us some examples of her work! She then gave us the opportunity to take some pictures of our beautiful garden! I asked her if I could pose for some pictures in the garden and she took some photos of me. I had a lot of fun and did a lot of different poses!

    We also had some creepy crawlies come in and visit us from zoo lab. The man brought in a few different creatures and told us all about them. He also let us old them if we wanted to, I held a pink corn snake and it sat on my shoulders! I also held a massive bug in my left hand. I think it was called a giant millipede. It tickled when it walked up my arm. Some of the staff and other residents were too scared to hold the bugs, Tabbi tried to but panicked and changed her mind. But they didn’t scare me!

    We have also had a few people come in and perform for us we have had Lee Wilkinson come in last weekend. He is one of my favourites. He sings and plays guitar, but I missed him as I wasn’t very well. Before that however, we had tickled pink come in and perform a wild western show. They dressed up in cowgirl outfits and sang different western songs while acting out a play about two girls trying to become ‘ladies’. It was very funny and I really enjoyed it. They even let me dress up in a feather scarf and a cowgirl hat. I felt like one of the cowgirls in the play!

    I also saw the saxophonist who was great! I had to leave early as my brother came in to see me, I love seeing my family they come in and see me whenever they want. I love them very much.

    On the week leading up to Easter there were load so of Easter related stuff to do. There was making Easter cakes, Easter cards even and Easter quiz! I took part in the Easter quiz and got a few of the questions myself! On Good Friday, I made my own eater bonnet we had our own sun hats and loads of decorations to stick on. Tabbi helped us all when we couldn’t stick them on our own, but I did most of mine myself. I was very proud of mine and wore it all round the home to show everyone.

    On the Saturday before Easter Sunday, we had an Easter fun day lots of the staff brought in their children and the other residents families came in with grandchildren. I was really nice. I went out before the eater egg hunt started and sneakily took three eggs that I found and gave them to the children! I was in the wheelchair race and I came last! But kind Andrea gave me a beautiful fluffy dog in my Easter egg hunt basket, which I now have sat up in my bedroom. Then in the Easter raffle I won another little cuddly bunny, I’ve sat him with the little doggy. I really, really enjoyed my Easter with all my friends!!


    Last week we had a St Georges celebration down in the bistro, loads of us went down and it was really nice to chat and have a giggle with my friends! After that I had my nails painted and cut! I love picking the colour of nail polish that I have, the colours match my kind, happy and joyful personality!

    Finally one of my highlights of this month are that we went bowling at Hollywood bowl last Friday!  That was real fun! I got 99 points!! I was really proud of myself! I think 8 of us went all together then we split up in to teams. Tabbi and Andrea were rubbish they both lost! We had lunch there afterwards and had a delicious strawberry shake with our meal. I felt really lucky to have gone to that!

    I’ve also been to the Benson café recently and had a delicious juice and a lemon cake! So when I said I had been busy I was not joking!

    That’s it all for now folks I will write again next month! Three big smackeroos!

    Lots of love,

    Julia XXX

  • Feb - March 2017



    Julia’s blog for February and March!


    Hi everyone, this is Julia!

    It’s been a busy couple of months, full of lots of different things to do!

    On February 3rd it was my birthday! In the morning my favourite entertainer Cody came in to sing and play guitar like I asked and he even brought me a big bunch of red roses! I was overwhelmed with them, they were beautiful. I also asked the chef to make me a big birthday cake and he did! It was delicious! Aside from that my sister also brought me in another birthday cake from the family! I felt very special and had a very happy birthday. I really enjoyed getting spoilt!

    On the Wednesday before my birthday I spent the day shopping with my niece Sam and her lovely husband Adam. I bought myself some new clothes and on the Thursday my sister came in and brought me a lovely big box of make-up.

    Being the shopaholic I am, the following week I went shopping again with Tabbi and Andrea, who do activities here. They took me to get presents for my niece and sister’s birthdays which were soon after. I was very happy with what I chose for them because they loved their gifts.

    I’ve also done cooking, we made fairy cakes. I helped with the stirring, spooning and of course eating them! When I was helping crack the eggs, Tabbi dropped one on the floor which made me laugh a lot!  We made a big mess and it was a lot of fun. They tasted delicious (apart from the ones we burnt!!).

    I have also joined in with the seated exercise classes which I have really enjoyed. Apart from that with Paul’s help I’ve been getting better with my walking and I feel a lot stronger! I walked all the way from one end of the corridor to the other and I went out in the garden!

    I’ve enjoyed playing bingo as well I won! Twice! When I won I got to choose which prize I got. I chose the body spray and perfume. I like my perfumes.

    In the last week of February we had a holy communion in the cinema room which I go to every month because my faith is very important to me. I also had my own priest come in yesterday to give me another holy blessing.


    At the beginning of the month we had a girly movie morning (which was a bit of a change from war films) I really enjoyed watching that film it was a love story, it was quite funny too! We had popcorn and fizzy drinks! I felt like I was at the cinema.

    Also a couple of weeks ago we had the Didcot Divas cone in and perform for us! I sang along to all the songs I knew because I love to sing and I love music! We also had Lee come in last week who was really good and a saxophonist not long before! It was a really hot day when the saxophonist came in. That made it even better! I think that was the same day that me and some other residents went for a wander round the garden with Tabbi and Andrea too.

    To polish it all off a nice girl came in who was doing work experience from school and she painted my nails bright red for me I loved them!

    That’s all for now folks, I will type my next blog next month. Lots of love


    Julia XXX (three big smackeroes)

  • January 2017

    Well hello and Happy New Year to everyone!


    For anyone who doesn’t know me my name is Julia Wokcik, I am a resident in the Dorchester wing, I have a blog to keep you all informed of what I get up to each month. I’m a little bit like Penny Parker the roving reporter! You can also see my past blogs on the archive page.

    Christmas and new year went with a bang this year, we had a fantastic Christmas party and we won the Quiz (with a little help from Steve Reader) I had a great Christmas lunch with turkey, roast potatoes and I even ate all my sprouts. Sanjay the managing director got me a Panettone cake and as I’m Italian it was a homely surprise!

    we have a new activity’s lady called Andrea and I will be putting her through her paces so keep looking back to see what I have been up to!

    "Felice Anno Nuovo!” that’s Italian for Happy New Year!

  • February 2016

    I have my hair done every Thursday afternoon, by Claire she wasn’t here last week so I had my hair done by Diane. Last week I went to the cinema at the close and watched Mrs Doubtfire and I had popcorn, drinks and crisps. This week I went to the cinema again and I saw hairspray. My favourite movie was hairspray because it was a happy musical and rather funny and enjoyable. This month I have been on an outing to notcutts with Anna and Elle and I had a nice cup of hot chocolate, with other residents, this was an exciting outing.

    During this month there has been quite a lot of pantomimes, we watched Beauty and the beast, Jack and the beanstalk. My favourite was Jack and the beanstalk, because it full of musicals and was funny, and good acting.


    see you all soon


    Julia xxx


  • December 2015

    Merry Christmas from one and all at the Close


    We are pleased to announce that in November The Close created the "blogger in residence" role. Julia W has taken to role by the keyboard and is looking forward to writing up her first blog. A blog is on online journalist / a diarist of sorts, the blogs will appear on the updates section of the new website.

    With a whirlwind of changes at The Close we decided it was about time to give a louder voice to our residence. A direct voice on the website and a place to hear from those that live at the Home about what's going on day to day.

    "Julia has wanted to get involved with working at the home and this was a great way for a busy and popular resident of the home to stay in touch with happenings across the whole home as well as develop some great skills and further improve  hand coordination that she has been working on with Sebastian the Physio and Jill and the puzzle game in the bistro"


    Sanjay Dhrona, Managing Director

The Close Care Home, Abingdon Road, Burcot, Oxon, OX14 3DP 01865407343