Welcome to the Stakeholders page, As you all know we always strive to be as open and transparent as possible, to this point and ethos we thought it would be a good idea to post the minutes of each stakeholder meeting on the website, along side this is the list of dates and times for the meetings for the remainder of the year. the next meetings will be on Wednesday 19th February 2020 at 6pm Saturday 22nd February 2020 at 3pm I hope to see you at many more meetings to come Sanjay

Minutes of last meeting

Dates – 20th and 24th November 2019


Hello to everyone,


Once again, we held a productive and informative stakeholders’ meeting in late November, several family members came along so a big thank you to everyone who came along, it’s a vital part of the homes progression to hear all of your points of view both good and bad.

Sanjay updated everyone regarding our latest CQC inspection carried out in November of this year, the feedback from the inspectors was very positive and we are awaiting the report any time now, we will post directly when we have further news once the report arrives.


Sanjay informed attendees of the news that Noleen and Michelle or two clinical managers will be leaving us just before Christmas, both ladies are moving on to new challenges after doing such a wonderful job, they both have put in may hours of hard work and effort to continually drive the home forward and make improvements, we thank both of them for their time at the home and all the hard work.


We have recruited two new clinical managers to the home in replacement,


Tania Kent who has been in the home for the last four years as a consultant for caresys our electronic record keeping system along with many other projects, training and previously was a registered manager of a mental health unit, we felt her knowledge of the residents, staff and workings of the home along with her clinical background was a perfect fit for the post of clinical manager for Dorchester and Clifton’s wings.


Susan Baden, a new manager to the home is coming to us from another local care home, with an outstanding background in care we look forward to her commencement at the start of December.

One of the family members asked if we can have a management structure posted on the website, this was a fantastic idea, this progressed to Sanjays next point of a new website for the home is in production and the family tree will be added as one of the new features.


Another suggestion was an addition of a map in the service user guide in each bedroom, while the guide was very well received and commented upon as being a fantastic addition to the home along with the new signs around the home a map would be a good addition. This will be added to the guide in the new year.


Several comments were made of praise to the activities staff for the events and range of activities in the home along with the new second chef Jon for his outstanding work with one of the residents from Liverpool, being from Liverpool himself Jon had taken the time to get to know the resident and on a recent trip to Liverpool himself took photos of her old street sigh where she lives, poignant places from her life in Liverpool and printed them off on his return for her. Well done Jon and thank you for going the extra mile (pardon the pun)



Minutes of last meeting

Dates – 15th and 18th May 2019


Hello and welcome to all stakeholders to The Close.


On Wednesday the 15th May and Saturday 18th May we held our open floor meeting for all stakeholders, rather than having long chapter and verse reporting on all comments made we have compiled a combined highlights of all areas covered in the meetings as both meetings covered much of the same ground.

Welcome from Sanjay Dhrona our managing director with an update of items in the home, first off we introduced the structure for the home managers, Noleen Dermody is the general manager for the Dorchester and Clifton wings and Michelle Best-Ruiz is the general manager for Riverview 1 and 2 along with the Willows wing and Richard Edwards is the general manager for the non-clinical services. Sanjay went on to explain the reasoning for the unusual management structure in that the home is far too large to be managed by one individuals and in the past this had been the case causing the home service to fail, since the introduction of the new management team this has been rectified and the home is now outstanding for care and rated as good by CQC and Oxford county council.


Sanjay spoke about the homes initiative to increase the amount of retained staff in the home rather than using agency, The Close has introduced an enhanced rate of pay for all staff picking up extra shifts, he explained that often staff go and work in other care homes for an agency on days off, this is because we use a 3 day week rota on the first week for care staff and a 4 day week the following week, this gives staff plenty of time off however if they are working on days off we would rather they worked for us and the residents had greater continuity of staff, this initiative has worked well as the usage of agency staff has fallen significantly.


We spoke about the introduction of the new IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) guidelines for care homes, we as we have in the passed have always tried to be leading the way on care food in the county, with the new standardisation coming into play we have taken further steps, we don’t consider the standard of foods served just as a pile acceptable or dignified so we have employed another chef in the kitchen specifically for texture modification, we will also be revamping the Bistro the last week of May and first week of June, a viewing window will be installed in the bistro so people can see the texture modifying taking place, a few other changes will be happening such as a counter fridge will be installed to give more variety in the bistro menu for hot meals.


The Activities team has been extended in the home due to the wonderful work they are doing and increased activities schedules, we now have 4 member sin the team Andrea, Amy, Zoe and Page, they all have blue uniforms with the company logo on, The team have also put up a large poster on the notice board for key events such as boat trips, the Fete and fireworks night.

Sanjay went over the whistle-blowing policy for the home and the importance of reporting anything anyone feels necessary both good and bad, we as a home want to be as transparent in all areas as possible and everyone who visits, lives or works in the home must have the freedom to both compliment and complain should they feel the need.


Sanjay then spoke about the service user guide currently in production, we are adding a “hotel” style user guide that will be in each one of the homes rooms, this will outline everything about the home. From fire procedures, to meal times, a who’s who including uniform guide will be included as well as a contacts list of emails for managers in the home should anyone wish to contact us. One of the interactive aspects of the user guide will be pull out vouchers for a free lunch in the bistro or a drink on us voucher, this can be given to staff who you feel have been exceptional and deserving of a thank you in this way.

We spoke about the introduction of the survey tubes in reception bringing very good results such as the new phone in reception so they can make and receive calls in this area and sit in comfort on the sofas rather than standing at reception.


Sanjay spoke about the new dignity clothing protectors being made in the home by our talented housekeeper Kelly, she has been replacing old style plastic food protectors with new hand made ones, the protectors are made from a waterproof cotton on the back and shirts or blouses on the front, a very clever way if preserving dignity in dining, rather than expecting residents to wear a “bib”.

Stakeholders then took to the floor and spoke of the website being outdated and needing to be updated with information, for example Michelle isn’t on the website, people didn’t know of Les leaving or some of the future events.


Stakeholders commented on the importance of staff wearing the name badges, we have new name badges in the home with larger print, the home managers will make sure staff have on name badges in future.

Stakeholders spoke about the need to see more of the home managers in the building, Sanjay has explained that the two managers are very busy getting up to speed with the home and its procedures along with regulatory requirements for the home, however we have purchased new computers for the managers allowing them to work from  the wings rather than the offices all the time so they will be more prominent around the home.


Stakeholders also spoke about having a gap on reception between 4 and 5pm, Carol was mentioned directly by several people as being “A fantastic addition to the home, absolutely wonderful, happy, smiley and bubbly greeting every day” but we do have a gap and a bell for Hayley the new administrator to hear. We explained that again Hayley is a new fantastic member of staff but as part of our induction training she is going through at the moment she is having very limited time to work when she has finished training however when she is up to speed she will be covering the front desk personally for that hour gap.


Stakeholders also commented on the noise levels at night from staff shutting doors or talking, could this be reduced. We have understood the points raised by individuals and apologized for any inconvenience and both Michelle and Noleen will be addressing this with staff directly.


One of the stake holders has commented on the dietary requirements and how they would like to see a more personalised approach to their care, Having raised this, we have accepted this , and apologise for any inconvenience, to this point we have changed the procedure in the home for dietary requirements and introduced a diet form to be completed by each resident in the home and given to the kitchen. Richard has arranged for a chef to visit the person to talk about individual requirements along with a specialist book for the residents individual medical dietary needs.


Members of the group commented on how wonderful it was to see old staff returning to the service giving evidence to the point made by Sanjay that it’s a much nicer place to be and work in after the changes

The core take away was in the importance on effective communication and maintaining as much communication throughout with all those involved. It is accepted that more could have been done in the transition from the old over to the new management team, and with that as a key focus the website will be updated accordingly and learning taken should we see future changes to key roles with in the home and their communication both internally and externally.




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