Private Dining at The Riverside Room This is the perfect location to host an elegant dinner party, family gathering or joyous celebration as you have done for years. Comfortable and tasteful, The Riverside Room brings the special occasion atmosphere to the residents, allowing for care staff to be available if required. Our team of highly skilled professional chefs can create any menu your heart can desire from simple home cooking to gourmet restaurant fine dining.


Always pushing ourselves to do better


We are as passionate about letting our team grow and learn as much as we are about the food we serve on a daily basis, with this ethos we set our chefs tasks to help them learn more about food and encourage them to "play" with food, this keeps our team keen and passionate about providing the best possible meal to our residents. this brings the dishes served in our private dinning room to a new level of excellence and a real sense of occasion to any event our residents may wish to have.

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