Care Assistants


Basic of 40 hour contract, great rates of pay, full training provided including all mandatory training.


Your Role:

  • Personal Care of the Residents
  • Assist the residents in rising from the bed, washing, dressing, bathing and  general personal hygiene.
  • Wash, bath and toilet residents including hair washing and shaving of male  residents.
  • Observe physical and psychological well – being and report any significant  changes to the Senior Nurse on duty.
  • Attend to sick residents and perform such tasks as may be required, e.g.  Serving meals on a tray, washing and combing hair, toileting and bathing and  attending to other aspects of hygiene as necessary.
  • Lifting and transporting of residents as required, and as per training  programmed.
  • Assist residents, as required, in retiring to bed.
  • Serve meals to the residents and assist more dependent residents to eat  when necessary, e.g. cutting up food for blind resident or by feeding him/her.
  • Care of Residents’ Clothing
  • Ensure each resident has adequate personal clothing and report deficiencies.
  • Ensure that clothing is clearly marked.
  • Note any repairs needed and give clothing for repair to the Laundry Assistant.
  • Deal with soiled clothing as per company Infection Control Policy.
  • Return clean clothing to drawers and keep drawers and wardrobes tidy.
  • Care of Residents’ Beds and Bedrooms
  • Make residents beds or assist those who wish to make their own.
  • Ensure that the beds are clean and comfortable, changing linen as per home  policy.
  • Keep the bedrooms generally tidy, but adhering to the individual resident’s  wishes as far as possible.
  • Trips and Outings
  • The Care Assistant will, as required, accompany and assist residents on trips  and outings.
  • Talk and listen to the residents and assist by reading to them as and when  necessary, writing letters, etc. for them.


The Close Care Home, Abingdon Road, Burcot, Oxon, OX14 3DP 01865407343