Physiotherapist As a physiotherapist at The Close you will encounter a diverse range of service users with varying requirements. You are required to seek an understanding of each individual's needs and lifestyle in order to devise appropriate treatment. You will assist our service users who face everyday challenges due to cognitive, physical, behavioural and emotional deficits, to engage in purposeful activities or occupations to promote, regain or maintain health and well-being. Your case-load will consist primarily of those with an acquired brain injury, however other conditions such as general elderly care, palliative care, learning difficulties and other conditions are regularly encountered. You will devise rehabilitative and maintenance treatment programmes to increase and maintain our service users’ ability to carry out activities of daily living as independently as possible. Our rehabilitation programmes vary greatly according to individual needs and may involve environmental modifications or special equipment. As the physiotherapist it will be your responsibility to review and modify the programmes regularly and report any updates to the clinical lead. • To be responsible for the assessment and treatment of service users with a range of conditions, but primarily neurological. • To provide efficient and effective physiotherapy to our service users • To be part of the MDT and assist the other staff in the development of the rehabilitation/maintenance programme • To be involved, where necessary, in the promotion and marketing of the service. • To be responsible for your own workload in conjunction with the Home Manager and the clinical lead ensuring service users receive a full assessment and planned programme of care, with regular review and adaptation as required. • To undertake the appropriate active physiotherapeutic management for all service users within the home (both fast- and slow-stream) and to provide treatment of the highest possible standard • To be aware of and adhere to relevant procedures and policies. • To be an active member of the team. • To maintain a high level of expertise and keep up to date with developments in clinical practice. • To attend and participate in MDT meetings, as required and in-service training. • To maintain high standards of clinical documentation and accurate recording of clinical data conforming to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy protocols. • To implement appropriate outcome measurement and to set appropriate short and long term goals for treatment. • To demonstrate evidence-based practice using current literature and appropriate evaluation of practice. • To adopt safe codes of practice at all times, to adhere to the rules of professional conduct and to be aware of emergency procedures as outlined by the Health Care and Professions council. • To respect service users confidentiality at all times • To be involved speaking to health professionals and potential service users. • Advise on specialist equipment to assist with daily activities. • Advise on environmental modifications, such as adaptations for wheelchair access. • Support service users to access the community either by private of public transport. • Liaise with a wide variety of other external professionals, such as doctors, social workers and equipment suppliers as well as service users’ family and friends. • Write reports and attend multidisciplinary team meetings to plan and review ongoing treatment. • Train and supervise the work of our care staff. • Manage a caseload, prioritising needs, and completing administrative tasks. • Assist the home manager in assessment of new admissions to the home as required. • Conduct a monthly hoist sling audit to check that slings are fit for purpose and that all users have the correct sling available. • Oversee the running of weekly falls group within the home • Record data using appropriate measures to assess the benefit of falls group. • Attend clinical governance meetings as required. • Maintain registration with the health care and professions council • Assess, refer and advise on all wheelchairs within the care home. This job description is in outline form and may be reviewed to meet changing circumstances and needs.

Care Assistants


Basic of 40 hour contract, great rates of pay, full training provided including all mandatory training.


Your Role:

  • Personal Care of the Residents
  • Assist the residents in rising from the bed, washing, dressing, bathing and  general personal hygiene.
  • Wash, bath and toilet residents including hair washing and shaving of male  residents.
  • Observe physical and psychological well – being and report any significant  changes to the Senior Nurse on duty.
  • Attend to sick residents and perform such tasks as may be required, e.g.  Serving meals on a tray, washing and combing hair, toileting and bathing and  attending to other aspects of hygiene as necessary.
  • Lifting and transporting of residents as required, and as per training  programmed.
  • Assist residents, as required, in retiring to bed.
  • Serve meals to the residents and assist more dependent residents to eat  when necessary, e.g. cutting up food for blind resident or by feeding him/her.
  • Care of Residents’ Clothing
  • Ensure each resident has adequate personal clothing and report deficiencies.
  • Ensure that clothing is clearly marked.
  • Note any repairs needed and give clothing for repair to the Laundry Assistant.
  • Deal with soiled clothing as per company Infection Control Policy.
  • Return clean clothing to drawers and keep drawers and wardrobes tidy.
  • Care of Residents’ Beds and Bedrooms
  • Make residents beds or assist those who wish to make their own.
  • Ensure that the beds are clean and comfortable, changing linen as per home  policy.
  • Keep the bedrooms generally tidy, but adhering to the individual resident’s  wishes as far as possible.
  • Trips and Outings
  • The Care Assistant will, as required, accompany and assist residents on trips  and outings.
  • Talk and listen to the residents and assist by reading to them as and when  necessary, writing letters, etc. for them.


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