***Meaningful Visits Increasing to Two Visitors***


Hi all


In line with the updated guidance that was officially released to us late on Tuesday night. The Team and I have read and digested the update alongside performing all the updated risk assessments and are pleased to say we will be supporting the update in full.


Meaningful visits are something we are 100% invested in and want to make the process as effective as possible. Therefore we are pleased to announce that as of Monday 12th April, we can increase to two handhold visitors.


All the same processes will be followed as previously announced, however instead of just the one visitor coming in, it will be two visitors. Jill and Ally, our visit champions will continue to administer the tests and be onsite and present to assist.


The two names individuals must be the same two people consistently as we are not able to change them from visit to visit.


In cases of good weather, you are welcome to ask for an outdoor visit rather than in the custom built pods. Social distancing will still remain while the LFD results come in and then PPE will still be required for the handhold visiting element when you can be closer together.


Children ages 0-24 months are permitted in addition to the two named visitors, so if there’s that special new baby in the family they are welcome. However children aged above 24 months will need to count as a named visitor. We are advised not to and therefore will not test any under 11’s.


For all over 11’s we can only accept results of tests conducted onsite, at home and previous results cannot be accepted at this time.


Thank you so much for your support and understanding we hope that the world is returning to normal and want to thank you all, alongside our team, all our suppliers, the NHS team, Dr Clark and the team at Berinsfield Health Centre and the team at Oxfordshire County Council.


We are planning a great summer of events based on the premise we will be allowed to host events again in the garden! For now please save Saturday 4th September 2021 -11-5 for The Close Fete!






Below is the plan as it stands for the moment there may be a few small adaptations based on the guidelines when released but we hope to stick as closely to the below process.


Hand hold visiting process


• Visitors greeted by Visitor champion in the pod

• Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests conducted

• During the 30 minute process time, the hand hold visitors may continue a pod visit as normal.

• On the result of a negative LFD, the hand hold visitors will be given access to the resident in the visiting area, where they will be supplied with PPE consisting of face mask and apron, and be required to use hand sanitising gel

• The resident should be encouraged to wear PPE where they are able to, and have an understanding of the need.

• Hand hold visitors will be able to sit near the resident. A table will be positioned between the residents chair and the hand hold visitors chair to encourage social distancing.

• At no stage will the hand hold visitor be able to embrace the resident, or have any physical contact aside from the holding of hands.

• The hand hold visit will last no more than 20 minutes.

• Total visit time will be approx. 50 minutes. This will ensure time following the visit for the Visit Champion to clean the POD.

• Should a hand hold visitor not adhere to guidelines, they will be asked to leave and the visit cancelled.

• Should a hand hold visitor produce a POSITIVE LFD result, the visit will be cancelled.



Hand hold visitor must be a named individuals – we are unable to change this nominated individual each week..


We want to share this with you so that you know we are working on this, as I know it will be in the forefront of many of your minds. Moreover this has no impact whatsoever on any visits due to special circumstances. They of course will continue as normal as required as we have been facilitating these since the very beginning.


Lastly, I would like to thank you all for your patience and I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for you not being able to visit your loved ones within the care home setting. Please rest assured we have and will continue to do everything possible to ensure the safety of the resident and the staff team at every point.


Thank you for your continued support.


Sanjay Dhrona



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