Monday 2nd September

11am One to One based Activities with Paige

11am Reminisce our School days funny stories, favorite subjects, best achievements, etc

2.30pm Target games in the Garden followed by Refreshments in the Bistro

4.30pm one to one room visit


Tuesday 3rd September

11am One to One based Activities with Andrea

11.30am G Fitness Exercise in Riverview 2/Hub

2.30pm Trip to Crocodile world Witney

4.30pm One to one room visit


Wednesday 4th September

10am One to one room visits

11am Quiz Morning in Dorchester Lounge

2.30m Seated Dance in Riverview 2/ Hub

4.30pm One to One Room Visits


Thursday 5th September

11am Seated football in the hub /Riverview 2

11am Manicures & Hand Massage in Riverview 1

2.30pm Making Mexican flags in Hub/Riverview 2

3pm Cuppa and Cake afternoon with Alison in the cinema

5pm Mexican Take away night


Friday 6th September

11am Making Masks for our Masquerade evening

2.30pm Walks down to the River & drinks in the Garden


Saturday 7th September

11am Dog therapy with Ty our Beautiful Husky Dog

2.30pm Film in cinema Showing (Mary Queen of Scots) new Release this year


Monday 9th September

10am One to one Based Activities with Aimee

11.15am Toddler group come and join the group chance to interact with little ones in our fine dining Children welcome to join in 0-5yrs 2nd Monday of every month.

2.30pm Anagram in Dorchester lounge

4.30pm One to One room visits


Tuesday 10th September

11am Exercise’s morning with Andrea in the Hub

3pm Tim Valentines play the Piano in the Boathouse lounge


Wednesday 11th September

11am Quiz Morning in Dorchester Lounge

2.30pm Card Bingo in Dorchester dining Room

4pm Ruth’s Gin Club with Sanjay in Bistro


Thursday 12th September

11am Sensory table in Willows

11am Balloon Badminton in Riverview 1

2.30pm Board games in the Hub


Friday 13th September

10am One to One room visit

12.15pm Boat trip from Henley on Thames enjoy a picnic on board followed by freshly Baked Cake enjoying the scenery

5pm Supper in the Bistro followed by Masquerade evening with Live music from Lee Wilkinson in the Boathouse Lounge


Saturday 14th September

11am Family & Friends invited to come and see and sing along for our Choir practice in the Boathouse lounge

3pm Battle of Britain Classic Car Parade 15 Classis cars will be visiting The Close (Not to be Missed)


Monday 16th September

11am Baking Morning Making Apple pies in Dorchester Dining Room

2.30pm C of E Communion with David Haylett in Fine Dining

2.30pm Alan plays the Saxophonist in Hub/Riverview 2


Tuesday 17th September

11.30am G Fitness Exercise Riverview 2/Hub

2.30pm Cinema showing of Green Book New release from Cinema 2019

4.30pm One to One Room Visits


Wednesday 18th September

11am Quiz morning in Dorchester lounge

2.15pm Butterfly time all the staff from all Departments spend quality time with our Residents on a one to one basis

3.30pm Seated Dance in the Boathouse Lounge


Thursday 19th September

11am Seated Golf in Hub/Riverview 2

2.30pm Painting afternoon in Riverview 2


Friday 20th September

11am Trip to Waterfront Café Benson

2.30pm One to one room visits


Saturday 21st September

11am Dog Therapy with Ty Visits walk around the home

2.30pm Cinema showing (Dogs Way Home) New release Film


Sunday 22nd September

Chefs club in Bistro with our in-house Chefs


Monday 23rd September

11am Painting /Drawing in the Hub Riverview 2

2.30pm Generation game in the Hub/Riverview 2


Tuesday 24th September

11am Community Coffee Morning in the Boathouse Lounge fill free to join with friends/Family and others in the community for a chat

2.30pm Music and Instruments with Felix in the Hub/Riverview 2


Wednesday 25th September

11am Quiz Morning in Dorchester Lounge

2.30pm Talks and Sensory with Lynda Warren Spoonful of Herbs in the Fine Dining

4.30pm One to one Room visits


Thursday 26th September

11am One to one room visit

2.30pm Cinema Showing (Little Shop of horrors) good fun sing along film


Friday 27th September

11.30am Walk to the local pub Chequers for a pre-lunch Drink or Two

2.30pm Cody plays the Guitar in the Hub/Riverview 2



The Close Care Home, Abingdon Road, Burcot, Oxon, OX14 3DP 01865407343