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Friday 1st Sept

11am 10 pin Bowling Kassam Stadium

2.30pm Ice cream’s in Garden

Saturday 2nd Sept

11am Trip out to Bunk fest 9.30 -12.30pm


Monday 4th Sept

11am Bingo in Dorchester Dining room Prizes to be won (Eyes Down)

11am One to One Room Visits

2.30pm St Giles Fair Oxford

4.30pm Supper in the Bistro with Andrea followed by the football

5pm Under 8s Football training on our lawn


Tuesday 5th Sept

11am Swimming Didcot Wave

2.30pm Movement to music

2.30pm One to One Room Visits

Wednesday 6th Sept

11am Quiz Morning in Clifton’s lounge

11am One to One room visits/Individual Choice activities

2.30pm Moroccan food tasting in Dorchester Lounge


Thursday 7th Sept

11am One to One Room visits/individual choice activities

2.30pm Cuppa & Cake afternoon for families and friends /Residents with Alison our therapist

2.30pm Oxford Bible service in the Hub


Friday 8th Sept

11am Anagram Solver word game in the Boathouse

11am One to One activities /Room visits

2.30pm Trip out to Wallingford Museum Agatha Christie Weekend


Saturday 10th Sept

11am Coffee Morning in Bistro reminiscing past and present life

Monday 11th Sept

11am Fun and Exercise in Riverview 1

11am Walks in the Garden willows wing

2.30pm Making Clay dishes in the hub


Tuesday 12th Sept

11am Swimming Didcot wave

2.30pm Good old, bad old days

2.30pm One to one individual activities

Wednesday 13th Sept

11am Seated Dance in Riverview 1

11am Quiz in Clifton’s Lounge

2.30pm Sing along in Riverview 1

2.30pm Group Reading in Dorchester Lounge


Thursday 14th sept

11am One to One room Visits

2.30pm Meditation with Alison in the Cinema

2.30pm Group crossword in the Hub Dorchester lounge


Friday 15th Sept

10am Painting our Clay dishes and vanishing

10am Darts and pool in the games room

2.30pm Trip out to Cotswold wildlife park

Saturday 16th Sept

11am Name that tune in the Bistro


Monday 18th sept

11am Quiz Morning in Clifton’s Lounge

11am Balloon Badminton Riverview 1

2.30pm Cody plays guitar in Boathouse

2.30pm C of E Holy Communion in the Cinema with David Haylett


Tuesday 19th sept

11am Lynda Warren reminiscing talks on the 60s music and listening to music

2.30pm Didcot Divas in the Hub

2.30pm Walks down the River Coffee in Bistro

Wednesday 20th Sept

11am Juke Box drive by Tickled pink productions In Boathouse

2.30pm Saxophonist in the Hub

2.30pm Manicures and hand massage willows

Thursday 21st Sept

11am One to One Room visits

11am Walks in the Garden to the river

2.30pm Oxford bible service in hub


Friday 22nd Sept

11am Baking morning lets bake (Rock cakes)

2.30pm Cinema afternoon showing (Calamity Jane)

Sunday 24th Sept

11am Lee Wilkinson sing 60s Music in the Boathouse

Monday 25th Sept

11am Bingo in Dorchester Dining Room (Eyes Down) Prizes to be won

2.30pm Guess who past and present clips on screen in Cinema

Tuesday 26th Sept

11am Make a match in the Dorchester lounge (Quiz game) good fun

2.30pm Fun and exercise in Hub


Wednesday 27th Sept

11am Seated dance in the Hub

11am Quiz Morning in Clifton’s Lounge

2.30pm Colin Martin plays Guitar with instruments to join in

Thursday 28th Sept

11am One to One room visits

2.30pm Meditation with Alison in cinema

Friday 29th Sept

11am Seated football in the Hub

2.30pm freestyle painting in Riverview 1

Saturday 30th Sept

3.30pm Chefs Club in the Bistro

The Close Care Home, Abingdon Road, Burcot, Oxon, OX14 3DP 01865407343